Beans are super nutritious and immensely beneficial for growing children. Apart from being antioxidant beans also contain a good amount of protein, calcium, fiber, iron and vitamin.

Also, beans are low in fat, calories and sodium. Eating beans regularly will keep children energetic, improve their mood, keep their heart healthy and help maintain a healthy and a body weight.

Eating beans regularly also helps in brain improvement especially for children, it helps in developing their brain and their body functioning, Beans has no side effect if eating too much, it is nutritious and it`s good for the body especially for children cause it makes them look good and eye catching.

There is different types of beans and none of them is bad for the body functioning. Beans Is enriched with protein, although it has some particles of carbohydrate but harmless in the body system, cause carbohydrate is one of the classes of food so it has no side effect in the body system.

Beans can be used to eat different types of food like bread, rice e.t.c. some people do cook Jollof rice and beans together so as to meet up with the nutrient needed in the body.

Beans are one of the highly portentous foods that provide the body with the essential nutrient that will help in nourishing the body system and also develop the body structure. Beans can give you all you need in development, if prepared very well and there are many ways to cook beans, Beans can be served anywhere like (home, hotel, restaurant, e.t.c.) also, Beans can be used in cooking different types of food like, rice, porridge yam, spaghetti, macaroni e.t.c., Beans can also be eating together with pap.

Every human needs protein for body growth and development, although there are many other foods that supply`s the body system with protein which is responsible for the growth and development, especially for growing up children, but beans seems to be the best because it also contains calcium, fiber, iron and vitamin.

Beans can also give you more than the six classes food, if prepared very well, all you is to follow  the recipe and make sure the ingredient used in the preparation is highly completed so as to make you beans delicious and provide your body with the essential nutrients needed in your body.


There are some considerations needed before the preparation of beans, and the considerations includes,

  1. Availability of the beans (know the type of beans you are about cooking, because there are many types of beans like the brown beans and rest of them)
  2. Make sure that the ingredient used in the preparation is complete (not every ingredient is needed for preparing beans) so follow the ingredient that will be listed in the recipe to a mistake.
  3. It doesn`t require much seasonings.
  4. Be careful when adding your ingredients and seasonings to avoid over adding it.
  5. Measure the quantity of beans you wants to cook, and the quantity of your ingredients and seasonings to avoid mistakes.
  6. Consider the type of beans you are about cooking because some beans takes long in preparation.
  7. Get every availability ready for the cooking.



Pick your beans (separate the beans from the dirt).

Make your ingredients like magi, salt, pepper, onions, crayfish and oil available. And also make your seasonings like curry and nutmeg available.

Provide your vegetable like green or pumpkin leaves. (depending on the chief cook`s choice).

Also provide your fish like catfish or stockfish. (depending on the cooks choice).


Wash your vegetable (wash responsible to remove small particles of sand in the vegetable).also wash your pepper.

Chop your vegetable (cut the vegetable into small particles).

Grind your pepper or slice them (depending on the cook`s choice).

Per-boil your beans (to remove the brown water) wash responsible and sieve.


make your fire,  put the pot on fire add you oil (groundnut oil or red oil) wait for some minutes(2 minutes).

Then add your sliced onions and wait for some minutes, then add water and also your ingredient and seasonings cover the pot and wait for some minutes.

Add the already per-boiled beans wait for some minutes (20 minutes) then add your vegetable, allow it until the beans is done (soft) then your beans is ready to be served.

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