Tomatoes stew is one of the most popular stew in an African countries, especially in Nigeria, every house hold always wants to prepare a tomatoes stew especially on xmass days, new year and Esther cerebrations.

It is highly enriched with some nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fat and oil and protein, though it require a lot of ingredient to make it delicious but it doesn`t take a lot of time in the preparations. So follow the recipe to learn how to make a delicious stew for your friends and families.


The availability of the tomatoes.(provide the tomatoes that will be used in preparing the stew).

Check the quantity of the tomatoes (check the quantity of the tomatoes that will be used in making the stew to know the quantity of the ingredients that will be okey for the stew.

Provide the required ingredients for the stew (ingredients like oil, magi, salt, pepper, crayfish onions and any kinds of seasonings you want.

Provide your meat or fish (depending on the choice of the chief cook) any kind of meat or fish can be acceptable.

Every ingredients and seasonings should be added according to the amount or quantity of the stew that is should be prepared.

You must not add every ingredients or seasonings to your stew; jus select the ones that will give you the taste of your choice.

Make sure that you follow the tips accordingly to avoid mistakes during the preparations.

Any type of tomatoes can be used in making stews (you can use fresh tomatoes, sachet tomatoes and you can as well use tin tomatoes and you also use dried tomatoes) it just depend on the choice of the chief cook.

You can actually use any type of oil in the preparation ( either red oil or groundnut oil can serve, you can still use the mixed oil and it will still be good).

Avoid adding too much seasonings for your health related stories.


Frying method: this is the process whereby the chief cook fries the tomatoes in other to dry the water with the help of oil (red oil or groundnut oil).

Steaming method: this is a situation whereby the cook allows the tomatoes to dry it water without adding any oil.

You can use any of these methods while preparing you stew and you will still like it.



Make your ingredients available (ingredients like: pepper, magi, oil, salt, onions and crayfish).

Also make your tomatoes available, provide your seasonings {any type of seasoning (depending on the kind of taste you want) depending on the cook heart desire).

Provide your meat or fish (any type of meat or fish can serve, because some people do not eat fish or meat due to their health conditions, so the cook is allowed to use any kinds of meat and any kinds of fish during the preparation).

Provide your seasonings like curry, nutmeg, kitchen glory, Benny, assor, spicity e.t.c. depending on the choice of the cook. Also provide your vegetables if needed


Wash your pepper (wash responsible) then blend or grind it.

Also wash your tomatoes, make sure you wash very well before grinding or blending it (only if it is fresh tomatoes or dried tomatoes), then wash your onions and slice or blend (depending on the choice of the chief cook).

Wash and cut your vegetables (if available).


Wash your meat or your fish and steam it (wash it and put inside the pot make a fire and place the pot on the fire allow it for some minutes then put it down) add some of the ingredients like magi, salt, onions and pepper and some of the seasonings like thyme and some other for preparing meat while steaming the meat.

Place the frying pot on the fire add some quantity of an oil and allow for some minutes (1 to 2 minutes) then add your onions and stir also add your tomatoes and stir, then add your crayfish and some other ingredients and seasonings then stir very well, continue stirring until the tomatoes becomes dried then add your meat stock together with your meat, stir very well add more ingredients if it is not giving you the taste your want then allow it for some minutes (for like 5 to 6 minutes) then your stew is ready to be served.

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