Jollof rice is one of the most expensive food, it has to do with many ingredient to make it look and test good it is expensive to prepare, In most of the restaurant, jollof rice not always available because it require a lot of ingredient and it is very expensive meanwhile there are some simple recipe in preparing jollof rice .

You can prepare jollof rice as a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can also serve jollof rice to your quest in any form of occasions like (birthday party, wedding ceremonies e.t.c.)it can also be served even on a date

Jollof rice that is well prepared can contain all the six classes of food, you don`t need to take any supplement after eating a well prepared jollof rice cause it will give all the nutrient needed in the body.

Jollof rice contains some classes of food like carbohydrates, fat and oil, mineral and salt, vitamins(if there is any vegetable), proteins (if there is meat or fish),water(you know you can`t cook without water) that means that water is always necessary for all cooking’s.

Jollof rice is one of the notorious foods and well accepted by every society.


  1. The availability of your rice
  2. The availability of the ingredient like (magi, onions, pepper, crayfish, tomatoes, salt, oil, )
  3. Availability of your seasoning (if there is need for that).
  4. All ingredient should be added according to the quantity of the rice or the stock of the rice.
  5. Enough oil and tomatoes should be added to make it look appetizing.
  6. Test the stock to know if there is any need to add more ingredient or seasoning.


Bring any cups of rice (depending on the quantities you want), make your ingredients like, oil, crayfish ,pepper, tomatoes, salt, magi, onions, ginger and garlic available.

Also make your seasoning like curry, ma-dish   e.t.c., (depending on your choice).your meat should be available also.


pick your rice(if it is not picked),then pill your onions, wash and then  slice it, pill your ginger and garlic, wash and then pound  it together ,pound very well to avoid chaffs then pound tour pepper or slice it (depending on your choice),wash your meat or fish ,if available also grind your tomatoes if available

STEP 3 .

Make a fire, put the rice into a pot and add water(depending on the quantity of the rice) put the pot on the fire and leave it for some minutes (for the rice to be pre-boiled) then remove the pot from the fire ,put the rice on the bowl and wash responsible to remove the dirt from the rice, put the pot on the fire and allow the pot to dry, (if there is any water on the pot or if there is any need for that) after that then put an oil on the pot (whether groundnut oil or red oil, depending on the choice of the chief cook) add your sliced onions and stir, then add your tomatoes (if available) then stir after adding  your tomatoes then add your ingredient like salt, magi, the pounded or sliced pepper and also add your ginger and garlic (if available) then add your crayfish and stir very well and then add your seasoning like curry,  nutmeg, e.t.c. (depending on the choice of the chief cook)  then after Adding your ingredients and seasonings then stir and leave it for some minutes and then add water (depending on the quantity of the rice) or you add your stock from the or a fish if available then stir very well(make sure it test great)then leave it for some minutes (5 minutes) then add the already per-boiled rice and stir very well and cover it for the rice to be done   wait for some minutes (until the water is been dried in the rice) (make sure you put enough oil so as to look appetizing  and every ingredients and seasoning is according to the quantities of the rice so as to make a great test) when the water is been drained from the pot of rice then your jollof rice  is ready be served.

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