Banga stew is one of the highly delicious stew used in eating white or any other food, it is highly enriched with minerals, vitamins and oil. It doesn`t require oil for preparations because it already have some oil on it though it takes a lot of time in the preparations but is very delicious.

A banga stew prepared by a good cook is always appetizing and unimaginable, you can actually get banga stew in any restaurant or hotel, you can decide to make a banga stew in any occasions like a wedding ceremonies or birthday party even in your house you can still make it as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, all you need is to make your white rice available then prepare your banga stew and then serve your family and friends with a favorite and delicious banga stew.


Ensure that your palm fruit is available (depending on the quantities of the cook).

Provide your meat or your fish (depending on the cook`s choice).

Availability of the ingredients required for the banga stew.

All ingredients should be added according to the quantity of the stew, in other to avoid mistakes at the end of every cook.

Follow the guide lines carefully in the preparations to avoid doing it wrong.

Get your seasonings ready (all seasonings added should be the one for banga stew preparations).

Banga stews doesn`t require oil.


Follow the tips appropriately to make a delicious stew.


Make all ingredients available for the cook, ingredients like magi, salt, pepper, onions.

Get your vegetables available, there is a specific vegetables used in the preparations of banga stews not all vegetables is needed in the preparation of banba stews, you can use vegetables like pumpkin leaves or mint leaves or you can even add the two vegetables together but it depends on the choice of the chief cook.

Wash your vegetables,(wash responsible so that all the dirt and the bad things in the vegetables will be removed away, especially all those small particles of sand also rinse with a clean and a good water, depending on how many times you want to wash) then cut the vegetables (you can cut the vegetables in any sizes of your choice).

Make your meat or fish (you can use any types of fish or meat in the preparation, it depends on the kind of taste you want).

Get your palm fruit ready for preparation NOTE: it doesn`t oil, the palm fruit has an oil already.


Wash your onions and slice it (wash responsible before slicing or blending), Also wash your pepper, grind or blend it.

Wash your palm fruit and put it in a pot, make a fire and put the pot on the fire (after putting the palm fruit in a pot don`t forget to add water according to the quantity of the fruits) wait until the fruit is done, then bring the pot down, pound the already cooked palm fruit (pound very well, pound until it becomes smooth and soft).


Wash your meat or fish (if available), then put it in a pot and the pot on the fire, steam the meat for some minutes (add some of the ingredients and seasonings like magi, pepper, salt, onions, thyme, depending on the choice of the cook) then add water, depending on your choice.

Then put the already pounded palm fruit into a bowl add small water or your meat stock (depending on the choice of the cook), stir very well and then sieve and remove the chaffs (be very carefully while sieving so that chaffs will not enter into the stew).


Then, put the sieved stew in a pot and place it on the fire, add your meat or fish (if available), add your seasonings like famous, banga, efuru, e.t.c. (depending on your choice) and wait for some minutes (2 to 3 minutes).

Add your ingredients like Cray fish and other things (if the quantity you added on the meat stock was not enough) then, wait for some minutes, then add your vegetables and wait for some minutes (wait for like 5 to 6 minutes) then bring it down, cook your white rice and then serve yourself with a delicious banga stew.

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