How to prepare coconut rice

Its description

Coconut rice is an easy and flavorful rice dish made with a fresh grated coconut milk , tempering spices, curry leaves { depending on your choice of taste, tomatoes or paprika can be included if you want a more charming colors}, and rice. It is one of the most basic African foods made for a meal during festivals and occasions. This simple yet delicious coconut rice is flavorful and easy to make. Coconut rice is rice which has been prepared with coconut milk instead of an Ordinary or normal cooking water, which makes the rice rich in flavor.

Coconut rice is also very nutritious contains probably the six classes of foods like carbohydrate of we all know that rice itself contains carbohydrate and some starch too, proteins can be from the meat or fish added, vitamins and minerals may be obtained from vegetables and some other seasonings that contains minerals, fat and oil is obtained from the oil used in cooking the food either groundnut oil or palm oil, and we all drinks water after eating and also the coconut milk contains some quantity of water and some particles of protein too.

Ingredients for coconut rice

Step1. Gather your ingredients necessary for preparation like, the rice, most importantly the coconut, oil, salt, magi, onions, pepper, crayfish, you can also choose the seasoning of your choice like nutmeg, curry and so on. Every choices depends on the taste you want for the food, paprika and tomatoes for more enticing and appetizing colors, meat or fish and vegetable {Though vegetable is not really necessary}but eventually needed to improve the nutrient of the food.

Tips for preparation

First of all pick the rice, make sure it is properly done to avoid any form of irritating stuff while consuming like stones and the chaff from the rice. then make the fire get the pot ready for cooking { make sure its properly wash}then put the pot on the fire with some cups of water in it { the quantity of the rice depends on how many cups of water that needs to be added} then add your already picked rice into the pot of water placed on the fire then cover and allow it to boil while waiting for the rice to boil, get your coconut ready by removing the coconut shells then break it and pour the water from the coconut inside a cup or a plate drink it if you want or pour it away, then remove the edible part of the coconut and blend {remember; the quantity of the rice depends on the number of coconut to be used} after blending then wash the already blended coconut after washing then sieve to remove the chaff from the water and pour the chaff away retaining only the coconut milk after sieving. Then after that wash your meat, put it in a different clean pot add your magi, salt, onions, pepper, Thyme, then cover the pot and wait for your rice to parboil.

Then check if the rice is ready then if ready, wash the rice with water and a sieve to enable the more removal of little Stones. After that then put the already parboiled rice into a basin and cover it, then place your pot of meat on the fire and steam ( in this method you are not meant to add water into the meat while cooking rather it brings out its water stock on its own) until it is done. Pour the meat and its stock in a plate then get your frying pan ready to frying the meat, after frying the meat bring down the frying pan and still put your pot on the fire {before then make sure your onions and some other ingredients are already well prepared and chopped including your tomatoes}, add your groundnut oil allow it to get hot  then pour your tomatoes and onions and fry for like five or seven minutes then add the fresh milk  from the grated coconut into the pot then add all the ingredients and seasonings necessary to taste then cover and allow it to boil for some minutes in order for the ingredients and the seasonings to circulate in the water and when it must have boiled add the parboiled rice into the boiling water and allow to boil for some minutes until it is soft enough for consumption then add your vegetable and boil for like a minute ( you can do this when there is still a little remaining water in the rice, Note: vegetables are not boiled for a long time)when the water must have all drained then carry the pot down and serve with the already fried meat on top then your coconut rice is ready.

Note: do not add an Ordinary water into the rice except the water from the coconut ( The fresh grated coconut milk).

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